Cole Wayant

I am a dual-degree medical and doctoral student. My dissertation focuses on how bias and methodological/reporting quality affect the oncology literature. I have a particular interest in conflicts of interest, surrogate endpoints in oncology clinical trials, the reproducibility of oncology systematic reviews, and the clarity of oncology clinical practice guidelines. My clinical interests are in hematology/oncology (via internal medicine).

Thus far, I have published in high-impact, reputable journals across many medical specialties such as JAMA, JAMA Oncology, Annals of Oncology, European Urology, British Journal of Anaesthesiology, Laryngoscope, and Chest. My published research has been featured by the New York Times, BMJ, Science, and Nature. In all of my published papers I significantly contributed to the design, methods, analysis, writing, publication, and dissemination. As a result, I have developed expertise in leading research teams and professional, interpersonal communication. I hope to use these skills to mentor future medical students and residents when I work as an academic oncologist.

My wife, Elizabeth, and I stay busy with our newborn son, Ezra. We enjoy talking on our front porch, wine tasting, re-reading books, new and nostalgic music, camping, the perfect cup of coffee, and whatever the other is interested in any given week.


Selected publications

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Conflicts of interest

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Methodological/Reporting Quality of Systematic Reviews

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Adherence to Reporting Guidelines

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Fragility Index

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